Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday's Morning Hike

Liz and I headed out Saturday mornings to hike the trail that went off on the other side of the Visitors Center and circled around the other side other side of the lake. Before we headed out I needed to potty the dogs (they are not allowed on the trails)  stopped at Mitch's trailer to check is she wanted to come and/or let her know where we were headed.  I think you can see what sort of influence Mitch is on Herschel and StuartThough Herschel makes a beeline for the other rigs, too. He has figured out where "his" people live.

After the dogs were safely back guarding the rig, Liz and I headed off on foot.  The hike did not have the steep hills of yesterday. It went through a large meadow area and then went gradually uphill. We hiked with the pleasure of knowing that going back would be gently downhill! 

The bear and the elk and the deer where back there in the trees just watching us walk by...

These trees looked as if they were having a conversation among themselves and the wood elves that lived around them.  They where full of burls and gnarly things.

And these trees were just pretty...I didn't hear any elven voices around them.

This car was in the lot by the historic ranger statton you are about to see. Even without input from Sarah, I was guessing that these folks are from around Huntsville, AL. Must be somebody special to get that plate but we didn't meet anybody on the road.  Oh, wait, there was that group of oriental tourist....

The ranger station was from 1913? or so. I really was going to remember that year without taking a picture of the plaqueThe first picture is of the barn.  Rangers in those days needed their mounts!  It was a nice tight looking barn and across the small yard was the station or house.  The view from the porch must have been beautiful.  The trees blocking the view now are not that old. There was that one big grandaddy tree to shade the front steps.

The skies spit on us on the walk from the campsite down past the Visitor's Center and it began to rain on us as we headed back up the trail to the campground. In between that dampness the sun came out and we had a nice temperatures for hiking.

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  1. Beautiful mountain views. That barn is just as nice as the ranger's cabin. Are you carrying that bear spray as you imagine them watching you?