Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moving Through Canada

We are making our way through Canada and are now past the worst of the washed away and repaired roads. Apparently waking up real early and heading down the highway at 5 am means that there is very little traffic on the road to cause delays.  I feel a nap in my future.  

We are parked the the Walmart (RV parking lot...) in Whitehorse.  Mitch is having way too much fun trying to decide which restaurant needs her money for supper.   We already tried Mexican for lunch.  When you start driving at 5 in the morning you do arrive in time for lunch.

So here are a few pictures you may have missed....

Herschel thought that  Remi may have left a few lost kibble in his kennel....We tried to explain that 200 size crates were not meant for Golden Retrievers....  Now he is just trying to look he does this all the time.   No dog limbs were injured in this attempt to den up.

"Wow, Stuart, did you see that?"  exclaimed Remi. 
"Well, what do you expect? This is a Walmart.  They have a whole website about the people who come here!" stated Stuart in a knowing manner. 

"I am not getting up until you promise me that you have turned the heat on." 

Just a glimpse of the flat land lands of southern Alberta,

When we were in Beaver Lodge, Alberta (See Liz's blog for photo of large beaver....) Liz and I did take a walking tour of the town.  We didn't much care for the window treatment of this abode but at least someone was trying to live in it instead of just tearing it down. The logs were old and neat.  

Eventually we drove far enough to find Dawson Creek and the beginning of the Alaskan Highway.  The folks at the visitors center kept telling everyone that the highway was closed and to stop in town.  Liz knew enough about the highway to figure out the there would probably be some alternative stops for us to stay farther north beside some expensive RV lot in Dawson Creek.

Now along the way we made several stops, some in provential parks and some in private campground.   During one of our walks we found the beaver pond and some of the evidence of hard work from the beavers.   Later as we drove farther up the highway were the heavier rains and flooding were, I saw the remains of beaver lodges and beaver ponds that had lost their hard worked dams to the force of the high waters......   Lonely looking beaver lodges sitting in the middle of what used to be ponds.

Also as we headed farther up the highway we started seeing more and more of the wildlife.  At first I thought that the only moose I was going to actually see were the ones on the signs, but a few did show up.

 Driving down the road we also saw several black bears...some with cubs and even three Grizzlies.   There have also been fox, owls, stone sheep and bison.    Especially traveling early in the mornings we have learned to watch the sides of the road, because we never know what we might see.

We watch the small herd of bison that traveled through the parking lot near Laird Hot Springs.  The dogs had started baring and I went to hush them only to agree that this might me "bark" worthy.

The next morning as we started up the road only a few miles from our stop we came upon a whole herd.  Now if you want to see them in focus check out Liz's blog but at least this picture will give you an idea of what coming upon a herd of bison looks like. (I do not have the skill or the camera to take the pictures while moving that Liz gets. Sometimes I am lucky but mostly I am not. Herschel does offer to help with the photos.) The largest bull was quietly walking along the very edge of the road as if to protect his herd.

These are scenes along Muncho Lake.  It did not tempt us to kayak but it was beautiful on the eyes.....

This one is out of order but captures the hot springs at Laird.  I was not tempted but those taking the dip seemed to appreciate the warmth.

The forest of sign that Walton Lake is famous for.  I thought it was better than the writing on the stones we observed earlier in our travels.  Some of these folks had to have planned ahead to make their signs and bring them with.....

This picture speaks for itself.......and yes, it was the functioning pump and the only one.....

We will make it to the border soon and get to turn our phones back on.....and our Verizon MIFI..... :=)

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