Saturday, June 16, 2012

Herschel is in Alaska

Herschel is officially in Alaska.  We stopped and took a nice photo op at the border. At the time we were traveling by ourselves as Mitch was in front making time to Tok and Liz, Nan and Birdie were moving slower somewhere behind.  

This is the picture you get when you ask a stranger to take your picture.  Now I had just taken a picture with his camera of both he and his wife. It was a "real" camera with film and everything. I know because I had to advance the film to take a second shot.   Silly me, can you tell I didn't check to see if the picture came out.....  

I didn't take any scenic shots these last few days but as you will see I did take some pictures of the "wildlife" in Whitehorse.

Below is a picture of Mitch getting out of her van while we were stopped at one of the road repair areas.....The man she is talking to was right in front of her and pulling another trailer just like the Mobile Marlin.  Bears and men with doesn't take much to get Mitch to jump out of her vehicle.  Who knew!

 While driving around Whitehorse looking for our lunch (or was that supper) we drove past this interesting sculpture in someones front yard.   Note the spider on top.   Who ever lived there repaired bicycles as well as constructing art sculptures.   Guess that would give him or her a source for all the wheels.....

Mitch offered to drive us to dinner since she was already unhooked from her trailer.  Mitch's van however only has three seats left in it. She took the second rear seat out to leave the weight behind.  Liz and Birdie shared. At the time I don't think they realized that anyone had brought a camera.  It was still probably safer that the earlier ride when Liz was sitting on the floor.  We would comment on a building we were passing and then hear Liz's additional non comment since she could see very little from the floor....  Mostly she was reminding Mitch to drive safely because she really didn't want to speak to an officer.   We were thinking that we hadn't made any arrangement regarding bail monies.

 Dinner was at the Klondike Rib and Salmon restaurant.  While waiting for out seats ssome of us spoke with a local couple who recommended the restaurant as one of their favorites. They currently lived in Whitehorse but then mentioned that they had lived up north.  ???? Look at the map, there isn't much north of Whitehorse.

The restaurant began to get busier as we were waiting and the waitress asked if we would wait on the benches down by the street so that they could seat people for dinner on the small porch.  So we cheerfully trooped down to the street.  Mitch by that time had purchased a glass of wine. Well, in this case it was a jelly jar of wine.  She chose not to sit with us and parked herself on the curb....again forgetting about the camera.   So, feel free to caption this picture if you would like.  (My father taught me long ago not to make faces when someone has a camera in their hand.  He would always just take the sot anyway....) 

What do you think, Vickie, should we go back to the hand in front of the face look...or the sad lady sitting on the curb?  

We did talk Mitch off the curb after a few minutes.  The waitress had told her not to let anyone see her wine.  So here we see Mitch snorting something up her sleeve....  We did agree with Mitch that the waitress/hostess had no trouble selling Mitch the wine and then asking us to wait on the sidewalk so we were thinking that she might be the one to have gotten in the most trouble.   (Again, another thought regarding that bail money.....)

One scenic shot of a photographer taking a scenic shot.  We were still in the Yukon at the time.

After crossing over into Alaska there were several beautiful vistas but I did not stop. If we are lucky one of the other travelers was inspired to do so.  I was still trying to find my fillings from the last stretch of Canadian highway.  I was very lucky not to have picked up a cracked windshield on a couple of the stretches. Apparently, my going 7 mph downhill on washboard gravel was not fast enough for a couple of 18 wheelers and two 5'ers and they zoomed right on by.  

At last count all five of us have made it into Tok by late this afternoon. Liz, Nan and I are parked for free behind the  Chevron station (free parking and a free dump station if you fill up with gas out front) and Mitch and Nan opted for more amenities.....I am thinking the unlimited hot water shower.



  1. I don't believe Herschel is really in Alaska - there's no picture to prove it!!! :D

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  3. I agree with Maggie don't see Herschel in Alaska but I do see a lady with 2 springer heads in the first shot. At least I think they are springers. I did look at the map, according to google you are 3200 miles from my house 61 hours to drive there so it may take me a while to get there if you need me to come get you, lol... I am simply amazed, a trip of a lifetime to be sure. What's next a drive through South America?

  4. Great post, Tina. You had me laughing again.

  5. Great post. Hilarious about the photo of the guys face but I'm sure you were very disappointed not to get the shot of what you wanted. You should have let Hershel take the shot.