Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Arriving in Canada

We meet a neat lady named Marsha the evening before we left St Marys. She dad taken a month of work to travel out west by car and hit as many of places on her bucket list as she can.  The title of her blog is   We gave her all the information we could so that she can find us on the forum.  We need to be sure to keep her traveling dreams alive.

As we left St. Mary and headed north I made my last two phone calls to family. Luckily none of us are long talkers because yesterday when I was checking my e-mails at the restaurant with WIFI, i and received notification from Verizon that I had made calls internationally. I guess that correction will have to wait until I can turn my phone back on.  The phone got turned off before the border but the Canadian towers that my calls bounced off of don't know with side of the border those signals were coming from.

Here is a picture of the cattle drive we came upon. There were several cute pictures but you get the idea and the WIFI in this coffee shop is....SLOOOOOW.....  That is Liz's rig in front. We all just stopped while the dogs and the wranglers moved the cattle past up over the bridge.  The brown truck was the lead "steer."

And we all made it to the border together. Even better we all got across the border without any rig inspections.  Herschel had the first picture in front of the welcome sign. He got the first "pee" in Canada.

Liz took a group picture of all of us at the crossing so you will need to check out her blog for that keepsake.  

(And about those pictures on Mitch's blog  regarding our lunch at the restaurant in Waterton. I admit that I spilled two glasses of water and yes the cute and talented waitress was sharp enough to figure out this group.  She brought me back a sippy cup and quietly placed t in front of me on the table.  She earned her tip that day, just for her timing and sense of humor.)

This is a picture of our rigs plus a few others lines up ready to register.  We came in about noon without reservations and found nice level spot near the lake and all together.  We then watch all the other rigs wander in throughout the afternoon.   More pictures of the boat ride up the lake and Cameron Lake car trip later when faster WIFI is available.  No pictures of the afternoon of laundry adventures.

Till the next post I leave you with the Upper Waterton Lake.....


  1. Glad to see you got WiFi. Pretty good signal here at the dump. Good pics you have there. Looking forward to seeing you in the a.m.

  2. You are getting some great pictures. Have fun.

  3. Gorgeous picture of the lake!

  4. Great pictures. The one of Herschel in front of the Waterton Park sign is a real keeper. He looks like he is in charge of this party.

  5. All I have to say here is WOW!!