Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pictures this time....

Nan let be borrow her Wilson signal "booster" so I will try again. If this works I will be stopping by a Best Buy in my future.   Well, it helped a little but not enough.  I will try again down the road tomorrow....

And, later a day or two down the road....    (I spent all day yesterday watching the pictures slowly load and then they wouldn't come up visible here in the draft.  I saved them and this afternoon in a park just outside Denali they are popping right up.  I don't find it as frustrating when the Verizon doesn't work as I find it amazing the places that get good signals.  Yes, folks, the glass is half full!)

These are some of the pictures that follow the last pictureless post.

Art work as you first enter the Museum of Alaska. It is life size and just flows with energy and movement.

Examples of an old skin covered kayak and wooded canoe....I just thought of how delicate they might be out there in the spring among the ice flows....

Here, ladies and gentlemen you can see with your own eyes my $9. dollars worth of gold.

Some of the open meadows at the Creamer Wildlife Center in Fairbanks. Those dots are Sandhill Cranes as you will see up close later.

Summer in Alaska...

One of the many ponds at the Wildlife Sanctuary and Center....

Herschel was very happy that dogs were allowed to walk the paths.  The dogs had to be able to use their "Fine Arts Behavior" though.

Looking out from the woods, you will just have to take my word for it...there were more cranes out there

And on the walk back to the rig Herschel and I discovered were most of them had the crane convention around the pond.

When we drove up to Chena Hots Springs, we were congratulating ourselves for seeing this nice beauty.

And then we noticed the Mr. M just wandering among the cabins towards the small pond.

He mentioned being thirsty....

He looked around at the ducks and the people starring at him and continued to head over for his appointment at the front office.....or maybe he really did want that massage...

Other wildlife found at the Hot Springs Lodge.  "Aren't my eyes just fabulous, darling?"

We headed back up the road to find our boondocking spots on the river. Stuart was sure the stop was just for him...."Look, Peaches, they did find me water!"   "Okay, I won't swim too long, it is a bit chillier than I remember back in the lower 48."

Liz's daughter, Jennifer takes her first look at the view outside Liz's rig.

Liz's GD, Ashley, later take time to study the rocks.....

iz and family left the next day and Nan and I continued to meditate to the sounds of the water and the birds.   Nan's rig is behind the large trees on the right. :=)

And here, Sarah, is the picture I took at 4:00 in the morning. Yes, I was awake but after the dogs finished their business and I took the picture I did go back to sleep....

I do have to mention that some of the bird calls were less meditative than others. These Ravens are representative of the birds that decided to visit in the wee wee hours of the morning to peck their way through the campfire remains from the previous campers in order to find anything remotely resembling a food product.  They were having some rather noisy disagreements as to who found what first.


  1. Wow, great pictures. Bet that dog was really cold inspite of the fur. Looks like a great place.

  2. You know those Ravens have to hunt down food for the babies. Plus the crazy things stay here all winter! Stuart loved that little swim even if it was cooler than normal. Great Sandhill Crane shots.