Sunday, June 3, 2012

And Sunday there were bear!

Today is Sunday and we all decided to drive to see the Many Glaciers area in Herbie rather than all drive out rigs up that way tomorrow. Herbie agreed to take us and he is so much more maneuverable not to mention his ability to stop and pull over quickly. The picture below is actually from yesterday but demonstrates the pride Herbie takes in escorting us ladies around. He had Birdie out washing the road dust off his windows so that we could see out and aclaim..."Duck", "Bird", Bear".....or other necessary communications.

SO off we went today to the Many Glaciers area of the can see it on the map that I posted a couple days ago.  These days in paradise seem to run together.

You have the vistas before you like the above pictures but then you can turn around and look at the wind blown mountain behind you and remember sometimes it is the luck of where the seed was dropped.  These trees have had a little harder life.

On the drive in we spotted a black bear in the trees not too far off the road. My picture didn't come out too well but Mitch and others got some recognizable shots.  And just as a warning when the little red head said she wants out of the car... you do let her out of the car.  We did counsel her on not endangering the bear. He would get in trouble for attacking tasty little red heads. Since I didn't get a picture head over to someone else's blog to see the "bar".  For those with imagination, you can look into these trees and pretend you see him about twenty feet in looking up and saying. "Who is that lady waving a camera at me?"

Now on the topic of mountain goats and sheep the following picture is an example of what you might see driving down the road...a beautiful, steep, rocky mountain side.  Then you stop and Birdie looks with her binoculars and says."There's one!" 

Yes, that little while grain of rice in the left upper corner is a mountain goat.  I now refer you to Liz's blog or to the blog of one of the other ladies whose cameras actually zoom that far with a recognizable image.....

Below is another example of the keen eye sight and knowing where to look ability of the group. See the nice snowy hillside far up on the mountain... "Hey, are those white rocks or...?"

Well, I guess they are sheep...

And about the second bear....   If you see any of these signs along the side of a highway up here you don't have to scan the woods anymore just follow the focus of the giant cameras. e saw the cameras before came past the trees and sighted the bear.


The Bear

He was busy fishing.

"Bear! Nobody let me out to see the bear!"  "Mitch, jumped out before Herbie could stop but did she think of me?  What do you think? I'm stuck here. She knows that I can't undo the seat belt with just my feathers."  

"At least I got out of the rig and got to ride along for the conversations.  These women are wild and crazy.  Just ask me about the question that red head asked regarding how certain procreative activities might be done on the mountain. Now, she later stated she was asking about the sheep and goats but believe me that is not what she said at the time.....I would have blushed but it would not have actually shown.  We will see if I get invited to the lasagna dinner tonight."


  1. The mountain shots are wonderful. I loved the comparison between the lives of the trees. And the bear shots--wow--all I can say is I hope you had a pretty good telescopic lens yourself or you were way too close for comfort. I don't think they really care what color your hair is. Was that a grizzly bear? Sure looked like one. Amazing!