Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hiking in Glacier National Park.

On Friday several hikes were made. The first one was with dogs and the second on the trails was without dogs. These pictures are from the second hike of the morning. Though I was suggesting that we all could have gone farther if we had brought our horses. Horses were allowed.   Mitch drove her car up the Going to the Sun Road as far as it was open and we took photo opportunities and the hike.

 Looking at  the famously photographed Goose Island from two different angles.

When we got out to hike we found some of this stuff still on the trail.

Liz and Mitch were discussing that neither of them had brought any of their bear spray with them. The sign was explaining the proper manner to use said bear spray. I thought I would just walk behind them and let the bear catch the little guys first.

Some fine fiddle head ferns are making their way through the dried grasses of winter.

First we walked down hill...and farther down hill...until we remembered that the way back was going to be all uphill.  We made our turn around decision based on that knowledge.

The uphill was as long as we expected. I found the going easier that when hiking with my 30 year old daughter who is an avid hiker and in much better shape than her mother.  Seems we all needed to stop about the same time to let our heart rates head back down.  Just think how in shape we will be by the time we reach Alaska!

Liz was excited to show us the gorge.  

For anyone unfamiliar with Glacier National Park, we are staying in the campground at the St. Mary's area. We are hoping to stop and investigate Many Glaciers area on our way heading north. With the Going to the Sun Road closed we will not be seeing the western side of the park on this trip.  There are few roads that go into the park but lots of hiking and back backing opportunities.  When we leave here Monday we are hoping to end up in Canada in Walerton.

And at the end of the day I emptied the storage out of my shower and actually used it for the first time. There is not a lot of room for elbows but I got my hair clean and now know that it is doable.  

Remi here:  I just want to go on record of protesting this bath idea. She said something about if I want to keep warm under the covers at night, bathing will scheduled regularly. I don't see Herschel getting any bath. Just because his legs are longer than mine and he is farther from the dirt shouldn't make him that special!  But I do have to say that those blankets are nice and warm on chilly Montana nights.



  1. Love the cropped picture of the gorge. It has so much impact!!!

    And poor Remi! I don't think I could get Oscar or Jazz in the bathroom much less the bathtub.

  2. Wonderful photos. The gorge ones are especially neat. Like the map you added. I hope Waterton is a good park. I have to agree, baths are necessary for bedmates!