Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Just Went to the Dogs.

Sunday here and we saw a bit of sunshine in the morning and took advantage of it to walk around town some.  Town not being all that large it was a manageable feat for all of us.  Later we all fit into Mitch's rig to watch a documentary she had recorded titled the Secrets of Denali.  It told about the National Park and about the mountain and the wildlife.  There was fresh popcorn served and a bring your own beverage policy. The included "short" for today's viewing public included a brief informative presentation about Nan's new device.  If was pretty neat and answered all of Mitch's questions and definitely looks like a wonderful invention with an appreciative customer base of many of us with aging bladders with muscles that do not cooperate as they should. Now I know Whoopie Goldberg is out there as a spokes person for Depends...but really...this appears to be a much more attractive alternative just ask Nan.

Back to the dog walking portion of the day as you can tell the roads are not too busy around here. As long as we don't allow some truck to sneak up on Liz when she can't hear we are pretty safe.  Herschel wouldn't let us pick on Liz. By now he has figured this going for a walk with friends beats just me and three dogs and he looks for Birdie or Liz.

For those that were asking what the small RV park looks like here is at least one shot that represents half their sites.  My rig is just to my right out of view of the camera. One spot away from Nan's rig.  The Class A that was parked between us pulled out head up to Alaska!

"I think I have this Auntie thing figured out."  says Herschel.  "These ladies also give good back rubs."

Some spring Iris that didn't mind the snow and blowing wind are thriving in someone's front yard.

Busy, busy road down in front of the school. The dogs each had their own agenda. Notice Liz with her camera up. This is why she has all those neat pictures on her blog.  

Truth is she was probably taking a picture of this neat cabin that was sitting over in the middle of the field. Doesn't it look just like something from a Montana movie set?

 As I shared on the WomenRV forum Carol's cold did not get better and she has ended up in the hospital in Sheridan with pneumonia.  When she talked to us yesterday she had said that she thought she was feeling better but when we didn't hear anything from her today and we didn't see her drive in we called the Sheridan police to ask them to do a check on her. It was then that we found that she had been taken to the hospital just this afternoon.  Her son was called from the hospital as he is her emergency contact and he okayed arrangements for Maggie to get picked up and taken to a boarding kennel.  It did sound as if her lungs are pretty full of junk and they are planning to keep her for awhile. Apparently she does have the Good Sam Insurance that will help her son get her rig back to Colorado if he needs help with that. I don't think even he knows much more at this time but he said he would let Liz know more with updates. Keep her in your thoughts.


  1. I am following your blog as I am hoping to follow in your footsteps someday. Please post how I can find Liz's blog also. It sounds like she is also posting some great pictures. Thanks so much for documenting your trip.

  2. Liz's blog is

  3. Great photos and write-up Tina. I love the look on Herschel's face in the picture where it looks like Birdie is rubbing his back. Sure wish Carol would have gone to see a doctor when you all urged her to do so. She was very fortunate that this happened before she crossed over into Canada.

  4. Thank you for the post Tina... what is the thing Nan has? you have us all wondering... also did you get the Dremel on line or from a pet store... Shadow had his done with one and it was so smooth... So sorry for CArol's illness... I hope she soon feels better...
    That is a neat log house... I don't think I would want to live way out in no mans land though...