Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day of Sight Seeing

Going in search of the setting that was used in the movie The Horse Whisperer, that was today's journey.  Well, there were a bunch of other attractions like a beautiful waterfall and mountains and rocks and cows and a gorgeous valley but the big debate was "which house is it?"   Pictures were taken by many photographers present of various attractive real estate settings that were thought movie worthy but in the end Mitch and Liz had to go one line to identify which of the houses was the right one.  All in a days adventure.

Now I also want to explain that I really didn't take many pictures of the scenery on today's ride. My excuse was that I am pacing myself for the mountains and valleys yet to come.  The truth is I found my role today as creating a brief documentary of the crazy traveling ladies who are documenting their journey....  We are all highly excited at the sight of "wildlife" and "birds."  Herbie would stop on a dime at a request from the back seat. The windows (the controls of the back windows are all up front with Birdie/ child proofed you know!) could also be rolled down at a verbal prompts as, "Mitch's window down."  But then of course because of the chill and wind, there was soon a request for "window up!"   Mitch was trying to be nice and let Liz sit on one side and take the middle of the back seat but I pointed out that Liz was using the middle seat to shoot pictures from both sides of the car.  Somehow Birdie and Herbie managed to stay on the road and not throw all of us out into the fields.

For the sake of time I will let you think up your own captions for some of the pictures.  Just know that we didn't just stop and get out of the car just once. Herbie was counting but he is a gentleman and will not tell.  There were times when we were not sure just how far Mitch and Liz were walking.  Watch those cameras and their focus in their craft and you will have an appreciation for all the beautiful pictures that show up on everyone blog.  They were very busy shutter bugs.
And because you will probably meet him again and again during this trip, meet the ever patient Herbie and his pilot, Birdie. Notice we didn't shut doors even. 

May this one was not in the movie but we agreed that we could stay awhile and be comfortable. Mitch looked up information regarding the area we where traveling through and the surrounds and found conformation of what we had picked up in the Watering Hole on the first night. Lots of Hollywood folks and other well known sorts have their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th home up in this area and farther west.....

Between stops and window shots......

"Herbie stop!"......and off we would go....

Look for these pictures coming on a blog near you.....

Me taking a picture of Mitch taking a picture of Birdie taking a picture of Liz and Mitch....and you thought I was kidding about the crazy traveling ladies.....

A nice family trying to lose their offspring near the pool at the bottom of the falls.  Going down was a brown mud slide path and going up looked like picking your way through oil slicks.....I was very glad to have avoided that sight seeing opportunity. I would have been on my butt.

  We are all moving tomorrow but some are going back to Billings to have some scheduled work done on their rigs and others are moving farther north and are ready to explore Great Falls while we wait for repairs to get completed and the rigs back on the road.


  1. What great pics - now I want to go to Montana!

  2. You got some great shots of the scenery but the photos of the rest of the women were equally enjoyed. It is fun seeing other people having fun.

  3. That's a gorgeous area of our country.

  4. I'd been wondering who this "Herbie" was.

  5. Y'all are having too much fun! :) And you're not even to Alaska yet ;)

  6. Herschel, you did a good job, just letting her off leash! Tina great wide angled. And then we have all the other scenes in our mind. Herbie's other half - the driving part!

  7. oh my words fail me this is so beautiful... and funny... now I thought maybe Birdie had picked up a hitch hiker named Herbie...