Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leaving Ohio

The trip has begun and with it a new blog. No, I haven't actually gotten my camera out and taken any pictures. But that is the plan. For now there have been a few pictures uploaded from my phone to Facebook but somehow I am hoping to be more diligent in recording the year's travels. 

Especially since the dogs and I are heading to Alaska! So from Ohio on Monday I made a rapid 500 plus mile drive to chase after the three traveling Women's RV Forum sisters who had already made it to Kansas. It took two days but I caught up with them in Marysville, Kansas. They had taken a laundry day/wait for Tina to catch up day and it worked out well. Marysville has free camping with electric in their city park. The Mayor of the city wandered over Tuesday late afternoon to greet the four women "who were traveling to Alaska."  Either that or he came to flirt with the ones that were widows. It is a small town after all.

I also met a young couple and their 4 year old daughter that were tent camping in the park and had ridden their bikes, complete with a child hauler, from Lincoln, Nebraska.  We also meet the couple in the vintage truck and camper traveling through from their last work camping gig in Utah.

So, the Alaska adventure has begun. Someone made a comment about how long a drive it was as if one should just forget about enjoying the rest of the United States and Canada. I won't see everything this trip but more than I saw sitting in Ohio.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to create your blog Tina :) I know it takes great effort when you just want to travel and have fun! Glad to see you caught up with our Birdie too! :)

    Look forward to traveling along with you. safe travels and enjoy the journey :)


  2. So excited to be following along on your trip. This is going to be fun! Nice to know you were able to escape from Ohio...and the dogs came too!

  3. Tina thanks so much for your blog. It's great to share your adventure through you blog! Enjoy