Thursday, May 17, 2012

Leaving Kansas Behind

This morning we pulled out of Prairie Dog State Park and headed west. We got a good glimpse of the prairie dogs sitting up and taking in the morning sunshine. It made me think of how many horses have lost their legs in prairie dog holes as the west was settled. 

The wind in the morning was not fun to drive in. We drove 40-45 mph most of the time in the 65 mph highway.  The rustic motif of the country windmill has a whole new appreciation. Wind is definitely a power source out here on the plains. There is a reason that the houses all have pine tree wind breaks around the grounds.

For a break in the morning we pulled into the city park in Attwood. It was time to peel our clenched fingers from the steering wheels and take bathroom breaks for dogs and people.

Across from where we pulled in you can just see the RVs that were taking advantage of another friendly small town with RV parking available.

The town also had these nice concrete pavers to stroll down. Like most small towns they were dedicated to various family members and a favorite coach. But then I found one I particularly liked. It is nice to know that the world can acknowledge important accomplishments and remember that many add value to the world...each in their own way.

And these local citizens wanted to be sure that they were remembered also.....

And back to the bus the gang all look expectant.  "Let me ride shot gun!" "No, it's my turn!"  "Me, me, pick me!"


So now we are five! All lined up and connected to electric....well and one pick up truck with a homeless gentleman living in itFrom left to right you have mine, Birdie's, the man's truck, Mitch's, Liz's and Nan's up in front.....

Tomorrow we all sit tight and wait for Carol to drive over from visiting her son and family. I pick up a couple of prescriptions from the local Walmart and if the weather cooperates we head north on Saturday.


  1. Glad to find your new blog Tina so I can follow along with you as well as Birdie, Liz, and Nan. Each of you writes differently so it is fun to read them all. I see you have the whole crowd with you. The 3 longdogs are very jealous but I don't think you can fit all three of them in the navigators chair. The only thing that worries me in the picture of the RVs is that I don't see Herbie. What has Birdie done with him?

  2. The dogs couldn't look more happy. We loved Kansas. Some find it boring, but we enjoyed seeing miles and miles of open land.

  3. Very good Blog Tina keep it up... love the picture of the dogs... an adventure for them also...