Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Wandering in Wyoming

We drove back to Guernsey State Park and as I mentioned before are really roughing it without electric. We just won't mention the battery power we carry with us, the solar some have and our ever reliant generators (for those that do their cooking by microwave!) So roughing it may not be the correct term.

On the left as you turn into the park Mitch and I saw her new homestead up on the hill. She has always wanted to live in MT but this cabin does have a certain wilderness appeal. She promised to put in 30 amp outlets and pads for visitors.  And Vickie says she is mean...

 After arriving at the front gate of the park we all started completing the self reservation cards. We were doing pretty good on our own but the park ranger stopped by to be entertained by us...I mean to assist us.  Mitch was doing her best to cause trouble but the ranger explained to her that he wasn't allowed to arrest her. Those pictures have a way of turning up on Facebook and the governor might have to have a talk with him. He was awfully nice and put up with us well. He suggested a specific camping area and told us that he would expect that we would like it and that we would have it all to ourselves. He was right.

We all found suitable sites and and had water views.  Here is a glimpse of Carol's and Nan's rigs.  The ranger did come back and check on us as he promised sometime in mid-afternoon.  Other than offering him some wine, which of course the governor would not approve of that either, Mitch did pretty good.

 Now back to talking about the water views.  Here is a water view with two happy dogs.  "I just love my wet sand rolls." says Herschel. "Nothing like getting sand all over!" "The grey haired lady can clean the sand out of my ears later."

"You still love me though, right?" 

"Swim, Stuart, swim!"  That is one very happy dog out there.  He was bring back pieces of wood I hadn't even thrown.  He is thinking of you, Peaches....his water loving friend.

"But Stuart, you forgot about me!" barks Remi.  Herschel noted that Remi actually seemed to forget himself several times and went far enough into the water to get his belly pretty wet. Between that and his dancing back and forth across the sand and his curly hair, that sand loves to stick to, he required some personal shower "rinse off" time when it was all done. 

After a nice long walk to dry off Stuart and Herschel (Remi may have been dry but he was still pretty sandy, as noted above) we all headed inside.  Some of us to check e-mail, some to sleep on the floor and others to stare longingly out the window and sniff the air blowing over the lake. "I know the water is there just beyond that tree line. There might even be something like a SQUIRREL out there."

But even energetic Stuart boys need to catch up on their rest after all that playing around.

 We will be checking the weather reports before making many plans about tomorrow and distance to travel. Montana will still be there.


  1. Love the pic of Stuart staring lovingly in the distance.

  2. Oscar loves to do the same thing as Herschel - sand, snow, the carpet - it doesn't matter.

  3. You must be a saint to deal with all that wet and sand. And I think I have my hands full with 3 dachshunds! By the way, I just watched the new Jesse Stone movie and you didn't tell us that Hershel was moonlighting to pay for the trip. Didn't say much but he looked great. lol.

  4. Oh the joys of rv'ing with dogs! LOL! Sure sounds like you're having a blast so far! I so enjoy your writing and your perspective. Congrats on getting your "old persons card", got mine when visiting with Beth in Az. Sure doesn't take much to make us happy! LOL!

  5. Yay for your park pass! Perfect timing for your trip to Alaska too!