Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arriving in Great Falls, MT

Birdie and I drove out of Reed Point and headed up to the city park in Harlowton. You can see a bunch of the pictures from Chief Joseph City park on Birdie's blog.   What I was was the Crazy Woman Mountain rising up to great us as we headed up the road.  After the previous day of gray skies, cloud cover and chilly winds the sight of the mountain against the clear blue was perfect.  

Past those particular mountains there was more land and more mountains...

And at the end of the day Liz and Mitch both had their rigs taken care of and had caught up with us at the Chief Joseph City Park.  Liz prepared dinner with contributions from others added and the events of the day were discussed....or were those the plans for the next day's adventures?  And no, Mitch, I did not add the picture you took of Nan spilling her food on her shirt...not everyone needs to know about that..... (Vickie said you were mean.)

Today were got an early start for the short run up to Great Falls.  More farms and ranches...

Between the bit of wind and the construction traffic and torn up roads, we were glad that the mileage was less than 150.

All kinds of farming going on here, beef and wind......

"Honey, we tried to make a go of it but I am heading back to the city."   ....either that or a case of "pay me for my land and it is yours,....agri-business....."

The balance of the day was spent picking up supplies at Walmart were we are parked and then, well, we all ventured over to the Wells Fargo bank and got some Canadian money for the provincial parks and honor boxes, etc.  Birdie drove me to a pet store so that I could pick up more food for the puppers.  They don't get to eat Walmart's Old Roy...

Tomorrow we are holing to get to visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center just down the road.  Then either tomorrow or Friday some of us may head up to St Mary's in Glacier. Birdie has friends coming to meet her here for some birding adventures and Nan is heading to a real campground on Friday so that she can pick up the mail that both she and Birdie had forwarded to her there.  

The dogs in this rig may appreciate the cost savings of staying parked at Walmart but that little patch of grass next to the highway isn't a real dog walk and they know it.  Especially when Herschel and Remi were enjoying running around the deserted city park off leash yesterday.  Well, Herschel was off leash for a little bit until he kept finding what her thought was perfectly good "dog" kibble in the grass as a result of either rabbits, deer or both.  He keeps telling me the prednisone made him do it....(It increases his appetite.)


  1. The mountain pictures are beautiful and I like it when you include pictures of the group. What, no pictures of the Walmart campground?

  2. Ha ha ha ha Shadow does not have prednisone and he sure finds those kibbles in the grass every morning... sort of an easter egg hunt... Be good Herschel there are bears around the bend in the road...
    Sounds like you ladies are moving right along... do you eat dinner together every evening? sounds like a family thing to me...
    Thanks Tina for taking the time to write to us... you know us left behind folks... we are still family!

  3. Beautiful mountain photos. No Ol' Roy for my dogs either.

  4. Glad you are having fun. What was it I was supposed to do when the litter box got full?? Need answer ASAP.