Friday, August 31, 2012

West Yellowstone and Beyond

After leaving Idaho behind Nan and I drove across the western part of Montana and on to Yellowstone National Park.  In West Yellowstone we met some very nice Sheila (from the WomenRV Forum)and her daughter Merry who drove in to meet us for brunch and also some cranky folks like the old...not so gentleman...who yelled at Nan for her dogs using the grass beside the visitors center.....

First came our changing views of the road side vistas as we neared the park.    Sage among the rocks....I was looking for the mountain lions....

Yes, I like rocks...

Our mini get together in West Yellowstone for brunch.  Me, Sheila, Nan and Sheila's daughter Merry.
"Nan, the waiter was hoping that you would look up..."

 "Alrighty, then, I think we got this!"

From Merry's report, her dad, Larry, had always warned her about those WomenRV'ers that her mom hung around with chatted with on the forum....She had to come an see if she needed to protect her mom from the crazy RV women or the axe murders.  She must have been somewhat relieved because Sheila met up with us the next day in the Tetons without her...

After brunch we headed into Yellowstone.

Rivers and old fires....

Some deposits from hot springs and geysers along the road.

 The smoke from wildfires.   The drives through both Yellowstone and the Tetons were masked by smoke in many places.

Buffalo out in the basin.  There was no place to pull the RV off the road as the overlook was filed with cars...but that was okay....there were more buffalo to come.

Like right down the road.  Guess who has the right of way?

And if you are in doubt, just ask him....

At the end of the day...Nan and I got separated. My phone did not have service and our Walkie Talkies were not working. I found a vacancy in the Fishing Bridge campground....and who was following didn't see the turn off to the campground.   She did find a place to stay but the extra miles were tiresome. She did she a lot of wildlife in the late evening though.

As I drive out of the camp ground early I caught morning sun on the river.  Not too far out on loop around the part I picked up a signal again and found out that Nan had had to drive back towards West Yellowstone. Since we both knew that we were planning to meet up with Lori and Ernie in the Tetons I figured that she would have to drive past Old Faithful.  I was up early so that I could be parked in the lot at Old Faithful.  

Then as I drove I met with another group of Buffalo.  Look, there is a traffic jam going on ahead. Think I should slow down.

Well, on second I better just put it in park and wait.

"That is right, lady!" "You just park it and we will tell you when we are done here...."

So on by they went....

Morning reflected in the lake.

Just to put another picture to those reports of wildfires in Yellowstone....

So I found Old Faithful.

Just in time for the next viewing.....

And not to sound disrespectful of the old girl but I found the walk around all the other geysers even more fascinating. They cam in all sorts of colors and sizes.  Some spouted  flumes and others just bubbled away.   But first there was the creek to cross.

I used my best "Fine Arts Behavior" and stayed on the boardwalks as directed.

So, if I come in the winter, this might be a nice place to stay.

On to the Tetons and another mini get together....

...and yes, Nan and I caught up with each other in the parking lot. We both got to see Old Faithful. When I got back from my walk around the boardwalk I saw her rig and drove over to be close to it and left a message on her windshield (just in case she still didn't have cell service) to know that I was here.  It worked!


  1. My daughter and her family were in Yellowstone a week ahead of you and posted almost identical photos of the buffalo blocking the roads. (Do they sell digital versions in the gift shop? LOL!) You're right about the Lodge being a great place to stay if you're not in your RV. They stayed in a little cabin just steps away from Old Faithful. Can you imagine those 6- and 8-year old boys' fascination with the geysers and mudpots??! Make your reservations at least 6 months in advance though.