Monday, August 20, 2012

And There is Idaho to Consider

We do need to head towards Ohio or we would be driving around a lot more of Idaho.  This is a beautiful state.  But since I need to come back west to explore Washington, Oregon and California, I am thinking that Idaho could be revisited later.  

The temperatures have been going towards 90 in the day and cooling off in the evening.  Us Alaska woman are having to adjust our wardrobe choices....and find our sandals.   The weather is suppose to cool down and reflect normal late August temps as the week moves on. 

A couple of these were from our late overnight in Canada.  This on is of a spider's web that demonstrated that she got up much earlier than I did.

Nan likes the sites next to water......  This one was in the closed section.

Crossing back and forth between USA and Canada at the borders has gone fairly smoothly There was a short wait on that first crossing into Alaska coming up the Alcan Highway and again as we crossed back into the USA and Idaho.  We had heard stories about bringing fruit and vegetables back into the USA.   Somehow no one worries about the tomatoes that made their way into Alaska but the border guy took my 4 tomatoes off my hands.  If you don't declare what you have and they do decide to go through your rig they can fine you $$$.  The work of US agriculture is safer today.....

 I will Let Nan tell her own border story. She was right in front of me and was directed to proceed to the area where the nice young lady was waiting with her clip board.  Nan did say that the border agent seemed to have a good sense of humor and Nan was not delayed for long.  He could spot those dangerous wild RV women traveling in small packs.

As we drove on down the highway and down the mountain towards Bonner's Ferry we passed by the hot springs area and through some narrow passes.   I would have taken more pictures but there came a time where my fingers were clinging too tightly to the steering wheel to do much else but drive. At the 11% grade sign Herschel covered his eyes with his paws and refused all attempts to get him to look up and enjoy the view of the sheep nibbling grasses right on the side of the road in the middle of the S turn down the mountain.   All I heard him say is "Second Gear! Second Gear!"........

The blessing was that there was no cars right behind me at this particular section of road.

Coming on down the mountain and on to the other side of town we found this handsome fellow just basking in the sun.  At first he looked almost like a statue some of the towns in the west place at the entrances of the town.  "You looking at me?"

"Hey, lady, I think this is my best side!"

So when you unclench your fingers from the steering wheel and pull off onto a viewing can get pictures of valleys and views like these.

 Like the Blue Ridge Mountains only in Idaho.....

An observation that I made after we crossed the border into Idaho was a dramatic change in the postings regarding watching for the dangers of wildlife along the highway.  In Canada we were expected to watch for moose, elk and deer.  CAUTION and the outline of the Idaho we were not warned about any of those wild creatures jumping into the highway but traveling down through the forested mountains we were warmed on more than one stretch of road to watch for "cows."   This was not near anything that appeared to be farms or ranches...we are talking forested mountain sides.   So we watched for the wild cattle that may jump onto the the next 4 miles.   I realize that loose cattle could be dangerous along any highway.  Hey, we have cattle in Ohio but I've never been warned about them jumping in front of my vehicle.....Just makes you think.

We also drove on down and passed through Coeur d'Alene and Lake Coeur d'Alene.  What a dramatic change of land.  Driving from the north after you come down from the mountains you are crossing flat valley farm lands, parched from lack of rain with patches of green where field watering systems are in play.  The farm land runs right up to the sides of the mountains.  As you turn onto I 90 and head east there is suddenly this huge expanse of blue water now surrounded with green forested hills and mountains.......and some lovely lake view home sites I might add..... Maybe people in Idaho keep some of this beauty a secret so that they don't have to share it with everyone else.

We are moving towards Yellowstone National Park but are still not planning much more than a day ahead.  Some days we have traveled close to 300 miles and others like today we made several stops along the way and decide to pull over for the day after about 150.  Our bodies have to adjust to this new "flip flop" "tank top" hot weather scene.   And occasionally it is nice to catch up on laundry. We lucked out today. The washers only cost $1.25 a load and the dryers actually dried stuff with only the initial $1 investment.   Our days can be brightened by oh so many little things......


  1. I'm not far from Yellowstone if you let me know we could have a gtg...that would be fun
    neat pictures by the way ...lovely

  2. Welcome back to the lower 48! I can't get photos to upload on Blogger so have time to read others and enjoy!

  3. The area around Coeur dAlene is beautiful but that water is really cold. Still picturing Herschel covering his eyes.

  4. Idaho is definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing. And you were right about the Blue Ridge in Idaho - loved those pics!

    Has Herschel recovered from his E ticket ride?

  5. Maybe they ran out of Elk signs and all they had were cow signs. lol When I think of Idaho wild cows don't come to mind. When I drove to Seattle I saw a lot of sheep or goats grazing right beside the highway and a lot that didn't make it. I sure wouldn't drive at night.


  6. Beautiful scenery. I'll try not to let Birdie see this post before we head that way, lol.

  7. Tina, I bet Stuart woulda been up there saying something like, "just let me outta here, I'll slow this down". Must have been fun doing that 11% grade. Sorry Liz, I just caught this one. You and I will flip a coin to see who is the lead driver that day.!! Looks like a lot of fun getting to wear sandals and shorts and t-shirts. Check out the a/c too! Wow!!! Be safe, they do have bears down there too.

  8. Argghh! I missed you! I'm only 30 miles west of Coeur d'Alene - a missed opportunity to meet you two wild women.