Friday, August 31, 2012

The Grand Tetons

Heading into the Tetons it is easy to understand where the word "Grand" came from the mountains are majestic...even if covered with the smoky haze of wildfires.

The first evening we stopped at Colter Bay.  Nan and I had tracked down another of the traveling WomenRV'ers as she was visiting Yellowstone at the same time.  Ernie and Lori and her sister Ellie and her husband were staying at the Lodge and Sheila drove up to find us and we had dinner together at the lodge.

The Sultan being the gentleman he is took our picture as we waited for our reservations. Nan, Sheila, Lori's sister Ellie and her husband, myself and Lori.

Lori and Ernie otherwise known around campfires as "The Sultan."...

Lori and Ellie..and yes they are sisters aren't they.

And the sunset outside the lodge as we were waiting for supper.   There were several photographic moments when cameras were passed and one or two of us would scamper out take some pictures with multiple cameras and then slide back into our seats. Ramsey, the waiter, was very understanding.  He was also understanding when we asked him to bring some extra spoons.  There were multiple soup tastings and dinner samplings going on.  

Sunset on the Grand Tetons...

The next morning the effects of the wildfires were still very apparent.

Mr. Moose... we met as we drove around to our sites at the RV park just north of Jackson.  Mrs. Moose was too shy and stayed behind the bushes and the trees out of camera range.

Nan had already discovered the road and the section of houses called Mormon Row so when we were driving back into Jackson to see the town she directed me to the area.     Sheila had mentioned that her grandfather's house was pink stucko. And Merry had talked about the barns.  The Park has bought up all the property except on lot along the road.   Yes, it was a dirt road but after driving to Alaska, we can drive on most anything.  

One of the old homesteads.

Sheila's grandpa's homestead.  She told us that the small cabin on the left was originally for her parents to use in the early years but they thought it was too close and built their own homestead down the road past the pink house. 

This was the barn on the home place.

And through what is left of the fencing you can see a herd of Buffalo.  Well, we also had to watch where we were walking....the buffalo like to graze up around the house and barn.

Nan out watching where she was walking.

The view of the back side of the barn.

From the tour of the homesteads we drove on into town and Sheila met us for a couple of hours of wandering through the Art Festival in town.

We managed to get through the afternoon without purchasing any bling.  We did feel the need to try some Huckleberry milk shakes though.  

One of the archways into a park.

That night Nan and I drive back into town and met Sheila and her mother Shirley and one of her grandsons and his friend and enjoyed a Chuckwagon Dinner with country music.  You will have to check out Nan's blog for those pictures since my camera forgot to come out of the rig that evening.

In the morning the smoke had cleared a little on the mountains as we made our way north to pick up our route to the east.

Some fall colors in the park...

And we were out of the park and making our way towards South Dakota and our next explorations.


  1. I love the picture of Ernie & me!!!

  2. Fun GTG and great photos! Being out of touch, I didn't realize Yellowstone was having fires - again. I have been thru there during fires and hate to see it.