Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Journeys

This blog entry is made up of several recent trips and adventures and whatever was left on my camera from my trip to Alabama.

There was that stop over at the Blue Marlin Bed and Breakfast place in NW TN, but somehow the cameras never got out to record anything.  Doesn't mean that it didn't happen though, or that Stuart dog did not once again find his way into the pond or enjoy being able to run the estate off lead with a bouncy Remi dog on his heels or that they both tried out all of Miss Abby's beds to see which ones were the softest.

Then off we went to take another side trip to Illinois to check in with BJ in Carbondale.  Only a day before the campground was to close for the season but good enough for me. It was quiet and sparsely populated on these last days of October but also a National Wildlife Refuge which  means 50% off for us "magic" old people's card holders.   Ten dollars can get you this!  Stop by and visit BJ more often I think. Most all the sites were easy to get into and flat and graveled and close to the city.  BJ was kind enough to pick me up and let me attend her evening hypnosis class at the Community College with her.  It was good.  I am thinking that living near a Community College that allows local seniors to attend classes for free is a real plus in that "location, location, location" real estate advertising. 

 On the drive back towards Ohio I stopped again in the Hoosier National Forest. Because I have visited so long with BJ in the earlier part of the day and because I knew where I was headed, I drove past dark to pull into the campground without even a moon to show the way and no Hosts left.  Since it was considered off season and I had that magic card the dogs and I paid all of $4 in the slot for electric and water. When walking the boys at night there was only one other, a 5th wheel, in the park. By morning a second traveler had arrived apparently after I was sleeping.   Remi and Stuart really didn't care how many folks had moved south or stayed home, they enjoyed the morning hike in the sunshine.

First Tuesday of the month and the boys know that they get to go to the library.  Here Remington listens carefully to his reader.  It is a wonder to watch a dog that you know still has many fears in his life figure out that kids reading books to him are not one of the things he needs to fear.

Later in November I got invited to a puppy evaluation party for a small litter of English Cockers.  I think the puppies were also evaluating the host's children.  "Looks like good bone structure to me. What do you think?"

"Temperament seems fine, also. Doesn't appear to be frightened." says the pupper.

And then it was turn for the humans to look at the puppers.

There is a lot of looking at angles and proportions and feeling for bones....

"Wow, that was fun. Anyone else what to check us out some more?"

"You do know that my rear may not be my most endearing angle, don't you?"

"I'll stand still if you will?"  "Pass some of that cheese stick back here, will you?"

After getting a good puppy fix I was able to drive back to Lebanon and hug my own.

And then came the wonderful weather around Thanksgiving.  Ohio was gifted with several beautiful 60 degree sunshine days.  Remi and Stuart noticed and demanded to be taken out of the house and to the woods and fields.

Remi has graduated to taking hikes off lead when the environment provides an opportunity.

Stuart enjoyed out standing in his field.  He kept reminding me that he is a "flushing" spaniel and is suppose to find all those hidden birds in the underbrush.  "You aren't worried about the burrs are you?" he smiles back at me.

A few minutes later Stuart and I have traveled down an old path that now has no outlet.  We decide just to muscle through to meet up with the path we know we can find traveling next to the edge of the trees.  

"Whoa, just wait a minute!" Comes the silent plea from a small gray, off lead  Remi.   "I have gotten a lot braver about this wandering through the wilderness part, but I draw the line at dense underbrush that is way too tall and thick.  You guys do remember that I am not very tall, right? I am NOT  a flushing spaniel and I don't do brambles. I am not moving. Please come back and help me over this stuff!"

After the Remi rescue and making our way safely to the edge of the woods, we all continued.   Stuart suggested going down to the creek.  It was here that we began to really miss our big red Herschel dog and all the fun he used to have in these woods....  We could see him trotting just ahead, sniffing everything that needed sniffing and turning from time to time to look back to make sure we were still following him.

Yes, it is good to know where the creeks are.  Stuart still wondered why he wasn't taking the trail directly to the lake...

So for today he only got to look at the water and no swimming, sigh.....

So on we went without a swim but through the woods, avoiding the brambles and sticking to the paths that Remi likes best......


  1. Love the black and white if Remi. Looks like a great walk even without a swim.