Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Escape to Alabama

Yes, the dogs and I made another escape and made it to Alabama.  It wasn't as if Stuart never got to go hiking in Ohio. Here are a couple of pictures from the state park near home.   Going to Alaska has increased Remi's tolerance for water but he still doesn't want to swim.

"Wet, wet, wet, wet...I think I will go this way towards the rocks, Stuart."

Anyway, I had finished up all the legal things that I could with what I had back in Ohio, so I thought it a good time to get out while I could for a few days.   I have already made a commitment to work at the scoring center in the beginning of November for a few weeks to build up the "gas monies," and well it was Sarah's birthday down in AL so who needs more reason than that!

The first thing I noticed as I made my way south through KY and into TN was that there are few political advertisements down here.  If you are lucky enough to find some TV stations you can watch your favorite shows and only have to sit through the usual car commercials.  

On the way through KY, Stuart and Remi and I made a stop near Louisville to drop off a care package to Ms Izzy, Stuarts 1/2 sister and the expectant momma.   Izzy is expecting her first litter in mid November and I had a whole basket of easily washed, soft, puppy blankets, a small heater to use to help keep pus from getting chilled, etc.  

Picture of Izzy from her kayaking days.

Izzy was politely excited to see me. There is no doubt that she loves being princess in her own house and having her people worship her and seh wasn't about to trade back for me.  (It is an English Cocker thing!)   The funny part though was when we stepped out to the yard so that I could take the "boys" out of the RV to potty and I could retrieve the basket of loaner items.   Izzy made a beeline to the RV and danced around it only to meet me back at the door in time for me to open the door so she could jump up the steps.   She jumped up on the bed to supervise our going through the basket. Later as we walked through the yard with Stuart and Remi, we looked back at the rig to see Izzy perched in the passenger seat watching out the window and we supposed wondering when we would all take off for the road.  Her new family is already looking at RVs so I guess she was letting them know that she would have no problem with travel.....

When the dogs and I made it to Huntsville, we found our way to Ditto's Landing. Sarah had driven me through it once before.  At first I was wondering if I would like it as well as staying in the state park but the verdict is in.  We like it.  I say we in that the walking paths are paved and go much farther than I am ready to walk.  The paths go along the TN River and are bike/hike trails.  No roots to trip over and no (or at least less) brambles to comb out of dog coats.  

And you can wake up to find the local regatta at your door step.  These young women had more energy than I.

Notice the blanket?  Yes, we all had sweatshirts and jackets. Those young people in the water all had spandex shorts and tank tops......burrr shiver.

Nice walking trail along the river and nice folks out enjoying the day with their dogs.

I think these two rigs have already been reported to the community watch program. "Keep and eye on these ladies."

On another walk Stuart got to watch commerce on the river.

Nicky, the camping dog, showed up to prove that he has been studying how to be a perfect camper.

"I have learned I lot from traveling to Crossville and practicing walks with my hooman." stated Nicky to the interviewers.....

"They taught me this is how you say, hello."

This heron was not pleased that the Stuart dog was so close to him.

So, off he flew. watch from a little farther back into the creek.

On Tuesday, Sarah and I drove over to meet Wendy for lunch in Guntersville.  I got to Honeycomb Campground (definitely a campground for a future trip) right on the lake and then we went on and stopped at the Rock House for food.

The three of us also found our way to the small museum in Guntersville.  At the price of "free admission" it seemed like a good choice to try.   I enjoyed the old photographs of the area before and as the lake was being built by the TVA.  You can get me with old photographs every time.  The building the museum is housed in was built in 1936 and was used originally as an armory.

"Sarah, I thought it was your turn to supervise Wendy?"   (No adults were injured in these escapades.)

A field of cotton ready to be picked as seem on the ride back to Huntsville.

Today, Wednesday we sat around the campfire and read and talked while the crew washed and hand waxed both rigs.    Watching the young men climb up and down on the ladders  reminded me why I have only ever tried to wax my rig once and jumped at the chance to have someone else come by and do it.  he price was reasonable and seeing that my rig is paid off I appreciate that I better baby her to last a long long time.  Might even have to fix those two rust spots....sigh.

I am heading down to Birmingham for the day Friday for lunch with my stepsister's cousin....(so I guess that makes her my step cousin?)  

If the rigs are clean, does that mean the leaves and acorns will stop hitting the roof?  ...I didn't think so.....


  1. Ditto's Landing looks like a really nice campground. So good to see Nicky out practicing with his leash training. I have the name of an RV wash/wax person, but haven't called yet. Still deciding whether I might have the ambition to do it myself. After all, that's why I bought that telescoping ladder...

  2. I'm thinking I'd like Ditto's Landing. Fun times!

  3. The wax should at least make them slip off faster after hitting the roof, right?