Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Kelly Lake and Kayak Excursions

With all the postings of Tours and Museums and historic towns some of you might wonder what spending a few days sitting next to Kelly Lake might look like.....other than beautiful.  First, you put in a request for sunshine everyday.   You wake up in the morning whenever you want.  For some of us, we get dressed and head out for a morning hike with dogs.   Herschel and Remi are particularly pleased that they are able to explore off lead walking down the road and around certain areas of the small camp circle.  Herschel has been spending most of his days just hanging out either in front Nan's or our rig.  He takes a swim if he feels like it.   Anyway, after the morning walk breakfast tastes good.  You might even take a cup of tea or coffee and sit out in the chair and look at the lake....

Other activities of the day might include....(No actual schedules have been allowed here at Kelly Lake.)

Getting on the computer and checking e-mails and blogs.
Sitting and looking at the lake.
Watching a mother duck swim by with her little duckies.
Brush out a dog or two or three.
Listening to the Loons call.
Watching the loons fishing with their baby loon.
Sit and watch the lake.
Take the kayaks out and paddle around the lake.
Take the kayak out forget to paddle and just float for awhile.
Watch some eagles fly over head.
Examine the beaver lodges from the water.
Come back to camp and eat some lunch and sit and watch the lake some more.
Read some of your current book till your eyes start to close.
Nap a bit.
Go on another hike.
Sit by the lake and watch the mountains and the water some more.
Watch more loons and ducks swim by.
Read some more.
Watch some fish jump.
Take another hike or get back in the kayak.
Eat dinner.
Enjoy a campfire...while you sit and watch the lake....
Meet other campers by inviting them to your campfire.
Sit and look at the lake.
Watch a beaver swim past.
Listen to some more loons and watch some more ducks.
Play cards if you can keep you eyes open or read some more.....while you listen to the loons.
Walk the dogs again.
Get cleaned up and head to bed.
Listen to the loons.

Leave your kayak inflated because if the next day is still might have to repeat some of the activities.....

"Nice campground." says Herschel, "No, Herschel leash needed."

"And even Stuart dogs get a few moments of off leash water fun."

And some folks give in and let their children "swim" in the lake.....burrrr shiver......

Yes, even the small Remi dog has some freedom on walks.

"But what about me?" pleads Stuart.....  "Someone needs to chase the creatures of the trees."

Location. Location. Location.

Now I know that I am in a lake in Alaska but if you are quietly paddling through the lily pads and glance over and see a long partially submerged object with a strong textured surface (and you have paddled your kayak in Florida before) what does you mind initially think it might be seeing?

This is a public use cabin on Kelly Lake.  It is about 1/2 mile hike in to the cabin and then you can row the boat back to ferry your gear to the cabin.  One young couple came in and spent the night with their dog and two very young twins.  Mom hiked in with carried on the front and one packed on her back with a bunch of baby supplies.   Dad rowed the boat with the other supplies.....

"What do you mean you didn't really put this here for me?"  "I could use a comfortable chair."

I got the picture. By the next day I brought out one of the "dog blankets" so Stuart could be more comfortable in his throne.

When Nan hauls back firewood for the campfire she does not mess around.  I particularly like the "flag" at the top.  The stump supported campfires for two night in a row....

This was Liz's reaction when she arrived today and saw our site and first looked out onto the lake and mountains.  Yes, it is all that.  Life is good and we are fortunate.  

Liz immediately started getting her kayak ready to launch. Birdie suggested that we eat lunch before we head out on the water.  Liz said that she would pack a lunch and eat it out on the water......  We headed for the water.

Liz and Nan.

Birdie and Liz.

Liz, Birdie and Nan.

You will have to check someone else's blog to find a picture of me. Or since Nan and I have the same kayak just use your imagination.

Birdie is heading out towards Homer to spend time with some friends and then will be heading to Anchorage to meet up with folks flying in to travel with her for awhile.  Weather permitting and "holding tanks" permitting, Liz, Nan and I may stay another day.  There is just some much to do and so much lake watching that needs to be done still.  

Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out......


  1. Ah.....doesn't get any better.

  2. y girls are living my wanna-have life! keep on keeping on. what you said about seeing ak in 3 wks,, yeah,,, u are soooooooooooo right!!!

  3. You gals are having way too much happy for ya'...

  4. Sorry you are just having sooooo much trouble relaxing and enjoying the scenery, lol. You need to find a way to store up some of that stress relieving view so you can enjoy it down the road.