Wednesday, July 18, 2012

About Puffins and Good Art Teachers

I mentioned that on the Fjord boat excursion we enjoyed watching the Puffin swim and dive and fly just over the water. It was the next day at the Sea Life Wildlife Museum that I got to enjoy what they really looked like.   Just wish I could have gotten a picture of them swimming under water.  They are amazing athletes under water.  

I know we pasted baby gulls and nest out there in the boat, too...but don't look for any pictures from the least from me.

There is a tide pool filled with all sorts of sea creatures with permission to touch as long as you only use two fingers and were very gentle.   The textures were so different and unique.

I enjoyed reading the notebooks that are kept each year with pictures and descriptions of the animals that are rescued and brought in to the museum.   Many are injured or lost babies. Again, many are only estimated to be days old, some only a couple weeks.  Certain animals can never be released in the wild and then are found "forever" homes in other aquariums or zoos.  Some are released back into the wild.

I also wanted to share the first place art work..... Another proud moment for a young person, her family and an art teacher.....

 The picture of the seal was taken through the thick glass but the seal was so still and focused on scratching just a small itch.   The shine and colors off her skin and the curves caught in the light reminded me more of a statue sitting out in a harbor that a living mammal.   I piece of living art.

So we are still sitting here on Kelly Lake...and this is why......

There are blue skies and sun shine today.   There are kayaking pictures to be loaded and posted and well maybe it will get done....depending upon if we head back out on the water.... It is a good life...

This picture is left over from when we were parked on the water back in Seward.  I think this is a way to tell if Birdie appreciates the birding opportunities in a particular site.....she can set up her scope in her living room and watch the action...  In this case it also kept her warm and dry!

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  1. Enjoyed the tour. That whale picture would be a great addition to display art at an aquarium. Good photo of the seal in spite of the glass.